Laura Childs

Toronto Canada

“Having an artist peer into your soul while creating a portrait of you is an exquisite process. Somehow divine. Ethereal.
At an agreed upon hour I entered into a meditative state in Canada while Linet, in France, sat down to paint. My meditation quickly turned into a trance and then a dream of flying above the clouds, pouring out gratitude to the earth and its inhabitants below. This experience has stayed with me – filling me with comfort and peace – all week. The portrait not only pleases me, but it serves as a peaceful reminder that beautiful and rich experiences abound if we trust and lean into new adventures.”

Lorne Sprigg

Gold Coast Australia

"What an amazing experience it has been in cultivating a heart felt connection with Linet while she painted my portrait. The beautiful part to the journey is I'm in Australia and Linet is in France and having never met face to face. 

While Linet painted I went into meditation and extended my connection with her by holding space for her to cultivate her artistic genius. 

I was absolutely blown away by the energy the finished piece showed me and the true power we hold in each moment to be in a space of the highest energies of love and connection. 

Thank you Linet for this true gift. I am forever grateful." 


Germaine Schmidt

Germany/Long Island New York USA

My experience with Linet was so much more than I could have ever hoped for! I didn't quite know what to expect especially since she was someone I had never met before somewhere across the water literally thousands of miles away from me. The day we connected and I did a meditation with focus on love was magical! As I spoke to her about my experience and having received her feedback a white feather flew straight into my car. For me the experience very much reminded me of a love that I remembered from my childhood days, a love that I received from my grandmother who had passed away many years ago. The feather in that moment felt like a little love note from above! The experience allowed me to focus on love, the pure child like love we once knew, for the entire day. My journey lately has been very much about redefining myself and getting back in touch with that little girl, the inner kid with an open heart ready to give and receive love and hug the whole world. It's a journey that can be quite scary at times because of our fear of being hurt. When Linet sent me the finished work I was stunned. She had captured in very detail what I was feeling. The pure, unrestricted, innocent but yet so powerful presence of childlike love. The image of a little ferry girl alongside my adult self, laying down feeling vulnerable but yet ready to fly, her wings wide open, her heart wide open ready to make the leap- leap of faith to open herself up to the world and love that is. There was something magical in our connection and how it translated so powerfully into her work! Thank you so much Linet! This journey was incredibly joyful to experience and share with you! It's a wonderful reminder of the beauty that lies in our vulnerability if we allow it! :)

Unyong Kim

Washington USA

"The process of being a subject for Linet Andrea's portraiture was exciting and fascinating.  After seeing some of her other work, I immediately trusted her creativity and intuitive sense of how to transform a few separate elements into an expressive and living whole.  It was amazing to behold the whole process as a participant.  She asked for a photo of me meditating on love, and a photo of an object that evokes the feeling of peace.  We made an appointment to be on Facebook messaging while she was working on the portrait, so she could feel my energy and our connection.  What an ingenious way to leverage technology to extend her reach!  I stayed there for a while, and left for a while, but then... voila!  She later shared the finished product which surprised us both, in how an unexpected youthful innocence emerged in the portrait.  It was a wonderful experience to be seen through an artist's eye.  Linet's artistry is like alchemy, transforming lead into gold."  

Lara Lwin Treadaway

Oregon USA

I first met Linet Andrea over three decades ago, when we were young teenagers. Even back then I was in awe of her artistic talents, so I feel deeply honoured to have been included in her recent project, painting people meditating on the theme of love, with the object of their affections also included in the painting. 


My meditation practice is Zazen, where you are taught to sit with eyes half open and holding a soft gaze, directed downwards, but with the nine hour time difference, while Linet was preparing to paint me in her Burgundy studio, the reality was that I was falling asleep, which is how I see myself here. As I drifted into the dreamworld, a mirage of Storm, the mustang I rescued and gentled before embarking on a process of undomesticating and rewilding her again, was shimmering in my mind, while a sensation of love was swimming in my chest.


It seems to me that Linet has separated Storm's two aspects in this painting, into her wild self and her tame self, before integrating them again by joining them together at the heart, both hers and mine. So for me this is a picture of integration, of bringing dualistic distinctions together in an alchemical process of healing and inner reconciliation, through mental unity, clear seeing, and freedom from perceived opposites.


In this painting Linet has captured the essence of Storm and I, not only in terms of our likeness but also of our journey together which, through the power of love, ultimately brought us both back in contact with our original wild, free, undomesticated selves.