To benefit from a life enhancing process and create a reminder of your true essence within a beautifully crafted original charcoal drawing/painting on a 40 x 50 x 3cm wooden chassis :


1)  Take a picture of yourself meditating on the theme of LOVE while you're really feeling  the sense of love emanating from your mind and heart.

(The photo just needs to be in focus and well lit. Not photoshopped...)


2)  Then allow an image, animal, mineral, vegetable arise in your mind and send me an approximative image of that thing, animal, person... Of course you may not be able to find an image that matches exactly, but one that is roughly right.


Then send me the two pictures to:




We will fix a date and time to connect. I will then intuitively capture your state through drawing the portrait of your face while sending you love in the process of our meditative exchange. This transformational energy will be encoded within the drawing.

I will also compose the other image into the picture intuitively.


Want to give it a try?


The cost? 447€ postage included for worldwide delivery of original works.


A digital file will also be made available.


- Possibility of sharing the portraits on social media with your permission.

- No royalties involved unless you make money with the image in question.

- 30 day money-back guarantee if you do not like the result.

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