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PANIC of Having Nothing to Say

2022 Mixed media on paper 9 x 50x70cm

At the end of last year, in the transitional period after my exhibition, I was searching for a new meaningful theme to work on after "Dreaming Mutiny".

I woke up one morning with the phrase "Panic of Having Nothing to Say" that caught me like an arrow and pinned me down.

2022 Mixed media on wood 100x150cm

I realised there was a deep feeling of muteness in the face of my own creative acts and the contemporary art world.

The "void between words" (Marguerite Duras) was the space I wished to explore: the inner space of female surrogate figures, almost tribal, oscillating between form and the unknown. These unbridled drawings attempt to express the abstract meanderings of the psyche devoid of sexual identity. Yet while working on the series I felt as if I was grasping at cobwebs, still searching for a theme and fumbling "in the dark"...

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